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Last Update: 12.4.2019


Lent Meditation: In Paradise, Luke 23:32-48



Lent Meditation: Take up thy cross, Luke 14:25-35



Lent Meditation: Forty Days and Forty Nights, Luke 4:1-13



Intercession: radicalisation



A Soldier's Prayer



Book Review: The Role of the Synagogue in the Aims of Jesus, 

by Jordan J. Ryan



Doors- Introductory Sermon



Alternativity - Christmas Day Sermon



Advent Carols 2018



Reasons for not wearing a poppy



Jacob Intercession



Angels Intercession



The Nephilim

(20.5.2018 - Pentecost)


Lent Meditation



Hope Intercession



Forgiveness Intercession



Repentance (Lk 3:1-3) Sermon



Lk 7:1-10 Sermon



Lk 2:22-40 Intercession



Advent Carols Address



Introduction to Slavoj Zizek



Job Intercession



Resurrection and the General Election



Lent Meditation 2: The Old Cross and the New



Lent Meditation: The Monstrous Fragility of Christ



The Myth of Divine Omnipotence



Divine Bullying Intercession






Equality Intercession



Noah and Divine Genocide



Why Genesis 1 should be taken literally



Christmas Day Reflection



Advent 2016 Talk: Caesar and Trump, Barabbas and Castro (27.11.16)


AQA A Level Religious Studies (21.11.16)


Grace is Political:

Address at Robinson College (16.10.16)


Grace is violent:

Address at Robinson College (9.10.16)


EU Referendum and Patriotism (20.6.16)

Vote leave does not have a Monopoly on Patriotism


Atheism After Christendom (15.6.16)

Church Times Review


MA Graduation 2016 (14.5.16)

Democratic privilege and responsibility


Bench Dedication (26.4.16) 


Frogs in a Pot:  Saints (24.4.16)


For the Watch: Bernie Sanders is Jon Snow (10.4.16)


Good Friday Meditation, Lent 2016 (25.3.16)


Christmas Day Reflection, 2015


Advent Carols 2015


Star Wars Sermon, Oct 2015


The British National Anthem


Jeremy Corbyn - A Kick up the 80s


Atheism After Christendom


Martha and Mary


Last Supper in Luke


Atheism After Christendom - published 27th May


Feeding 5000 Sermon


Feeding 5000 Intercession


MA Graduation 2015 / Temptation


Intercession: Giving


Sermon: Food in the Gospel of Luke


Sermon: Zeus


Sermon: Hephaestus


Sermon: Demeter


Christmas Reflection 3


Sermon: Ares


Sermon: Apollo


Intercession: Athena


Sermon: Athena


Cambridge MA Graduation Talk


Intercession: Humility


Review: The Unknown God, John Hughes


Review: Christianity and the University Experience


BMJ Article: Liberty to Listen


Sermon: Lead us not into temptation


Intercessions: Forgiveness


Sermon: The Lost Art of Lament


Sermon: Music


Debate: Open-mindedness (2 July, 2014)