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Dedication Service for Dr Alex Morris,

University of Cambridge

February 2020



Welcome and Introduction


A very warm welcome to Robinson College, as we gather to remember Alex Morris.  Although Robinson is hosting this event, the service is a service organised and led by representatives of several of the colleges for whom Alex worked – in particular, Downing, St Catharines, Newnham and Selwyn.  And of course, many more colleges are represented here today and are contributing to this service.  In addition, we welcome those without the security of simple college membership or affiliation, but whose contribution to the life of this university is immeasurable.  


We are here to remember Alex Morris,

To acknowledge publicly the wide influence and deep impact of her care and her teaching.

To hear more of her story, and how Alex’s character has affected other people.

To give thanks for the person she was, and the humanity she engendered.

To honour the memory of Alex, by allowing her humanity to impact upon who we are.

We are here to celebrate the ways in which her character reflected that of the God she worshipped.



A Prayer for Alex Morris


We thank you for the University to which we belong, and the university to which Alex devoted so much of her time, her energy and her care.  And we think also of those belong to no college, whose names are not widely known, whose worth is not always recognised, and whose commitment is sometimes unacknowledged.  For those who enable education to flourish, who are devoted to their students, and who often remain largely unknown.


So we pray for all those whose commitment to their students can go unnoticed and unremembered.  For those who will never have portrait or plaque, but whose only legacy is the only legacy that matters.


We pray for those whose impact on their students is the greatest mark they leave on the world.


For those whose explosive humility, manifests itself in genuine care, and radical listening, whose humility earns the affection of those they teach.  


We thank you for the legacy of those like Alex, whose impact as a whole is immeasurable, invisible to all but you.  We thank you for the many lives touched by hers; for the many minds enlivened by hers; for the immeasurable part Alex has played in the good work done in countless places around the world today; for the enormity of her influence, that can so easily be forgotten.


And so we thank you for the sheer power of the humility modelled by Alex.  Help us to be mindful of all whose humility leaves them unseen and unheard, but by you.  And by your grace, may we learn something of that humility.






May the memory of Alex impact upon the time left to each of us,

May the life of God be manifest through your life.

May the hand of God guide the work of your hands

May the Word of God be echoed through yours

May the face of God be reflected in yours



And so we say together,

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with us all, evermore, amen.