Alpha and Omega

Lord God, Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End.

We entrust our lives to you afresh.

Be our beginning.  Be our end.

Be our purpose, our energy, our action.


You who invite us to live in the new Jerusalem,

To take our place there because of your love expressed to us on this earth, in our life, in our time.

So may we be ever more fully your people in here and now, as we seek to live the life of heaven on earth.

Inspire our prayers, use us to answer them, be at work to fulfil them.


We pray for those with no view of heaven, without hope, without joy.


For those whose joy has been robbed through broken relationships, through failure, through misplaced trust.  Grant them a glimpse of heaven, and an invitation to joy.


For those whose hope has been robbed by forces beyond their control, by war, and hunger and politics.  Grant them a foretaste of true justice, and a reason to hope in you.


For those with no view of heaven, may the structures, and relationships that shape this world be challenged and change.  May your people truly live as a sign of hope.  Bring justice and righteousness to this earth, Lord God, Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End.