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Angels Intercession


God of heaven and earth, God of speech and action – we praise you as the author of all speech.

Who brings the world into being my speech, and whose son has come to us as the Word made flesh.

We pray for our world – for the way that you are made present to our world – and pray that by your grace -  we might also become a means of making you present to others.


Where media wars foster hatred, and give no voice to reason.  Where information wars seek to conceal, to incite hatred, to shape opinion.  Where wild claims are dislocated from reality.  Make us a people who take our words and our speech seriously.  Reawaken in us the desire for true speech, for true discernment, and for simple, genuine listening.


Where busyness and distraction, and navel-gazing and targets, leave no room for welcoming others.  Where we have dismissed others in advance of hearing them.  Reawaken in us the desire to welcome the other, in whatever form they take.  Help us to welcome the immigrant and to value them as something more, to welcome the stranger and value them as we would you.  Help us to welcome others, that we might hear and experience something of you.


Where self-concern, or self-pity, or self-help, or self-promotion drowns out the voice that might truly bring healing – show us how to hear.  Show us how to hear that we might have something to say.  Show us how to receive that we might truly give.  Show us how to live as though you really were the God who speaks, and we really were the people who hear.  


Beyond all imagining, make us ready to hear the message of the angel, and grant us the capacity to be an unwitting angel to others, mediators of your Word, and channels of your peace.  To the glory of your name.