Anti-Slavery Day

Lord we pray today for the millions in our world who are forced to work for little or no wage, who labour under threat of violence, and whose lives are still traded as though they were commodities.


We pray for the 2.5 million who are transported into forced labour around the world.


We pray for the 200 million child labourers, half of whom are slaves, sex objects

or soldiers.


We pray for those children sold into prostitution in our own cities.

Forgive us that we would rather be ignorant than angry. Awaken within us the truth that sets people free.


Forgive us that we would rather enjoy our cheap products, than ask why they are

so cheap. Plant within us, the hunger and thirst after justice.


Forgive us that we would rather accept that the world cannot be changed, than to live out the practical holiness that remakes the world.

Fill us again, with your Holy Spirit.


Open our eyes to the legacies of the past: the horrors of the slave trade that

have resulted in economic inequality, racism, and violence.


Open our eyes to the realities of the present: where the horrors of slavery are swept under the carpet, and the majority are happy to leave them there.


Open our eyes to a vision of the future in which we have proven to our children and grandchildren, that we would not tolerate or ignore the reality of slavery in our day.


Open our lives to you, that the body of Christ may be compassionate as you are compassionate, angered by that which angers you, moved by that which moves you, and active in our world to the glory of your name.