Lord, make us Atheists…


Father God, we worship you as the Lord of Lords, the great King over all gods.


But we know that your people have often been called atheists, because they did not worship the gods of the age.  And we long too, to be freed from worshipping the gods of our age – and so we pray that you make us worthy of the name, ‘atheist’.


In a world where we love only those who love us, those who are like us, where we close our eyes to those in need and the politics that keep them in need – free us from idolising our family and our nation.  Show us instead how to live in true communion with one another – rejecting the gods of our age: make us worthy of the name, Atheist.


In a world where greed goes by many virtuous names, where we think nothing of spending money you have entrusted to our care, without thought of those in our world in need our care.  When we condemn the gods of greed with our lips, but worship them with our lives, make us worthy of the name, Atheist.


In a world where violence has become a way of life, not even a final option: when the gods of war whisper the virtues of security and civilisation, when they baptise us as good, and our enemies as evil – where the gods of war are safely disguised in suits and armed with reason, make us worthy of the name, Atheist.


For your church – make us a community so rooted and grounded in you that all other worship fizzles away.  Make our churches pockets of holy resistance to the gods of our age, that we might once again be called Atheist – because we worship none other than the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings.