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Athena Intercession


Lord as we think of wisdom, we see no timeless solution to all the world’s problems, no absolute cure for the suffering of those abandoned to the bottom of the social ladder, no concrete set of rights and wrongs to guide individuals and nations.  Instead we look to you, the peasant caught in the machinery of human power games, the tortured, criminalised and executed God – who remains present nevertheless.


So as we look to you, we see no easy solution to the growing unease created by the warring factions in the middle east.  We see only the inevitability of innocent people, made in your image, subjected to violence, and hunger and displacement.  And we pray not for some timeless wisdom to shine out, but for action that will protect the most helpless, challenge the most thoughtless, and silence the most violent.


Closer to home, we pray for those now embarking on their university careers,

May those who are homesick soon find themselves feeling thoroughly at home in this place.

May those with little belief in their own academic abilities, find themselves quickly encouraged by the fruits of their own hard work.

May those struggling to fit in socially, find themselves settling into the term with confidence.


You are the god whose being is expressed in loving communion, help us, we pray, to be in healthy communion with one another – within our families and those close to us, within our college amongst our colleagues, and in our political lives as citizens who must live in the light of others.  Make us worthy of the community of your own disciples, and worthy of the prayer you thought them which we now pray together,