Baptist Union Future


Lord, as we gather to search for means of coping with the financial crisis and how it affects our union, we long to hear your voice.


We pray especially for all whose livelihoods will be, and already have been, profoundly shaped by the difficulties we face.


Amidst the difficult conversations to be had and decisions to be made, keep our gaze fixed upon you.


When we are convinced that we are infallible, open our ears to your voice in those with whom we disagree.

When we are unwilling to relinquish power, show us again who we really are.

When we are pre-occupied with the things that make us feel secure, show us the way of the cross.


Keep our eyes open to the financial crisis and realities that have brought us to this moment.  

Forgive us that we have relied upon the economic injustices we should have confronted.


Lead us, to renew our church structures, not around the Christ we forge in our own image, but around the Christ who is Prophet and Priest and King.


By your grace, help us grow ever more into communities of radical listening,

May your Holy Spirit continually enliven our organisation and administration, our worship and mission, our thinking and hearing and speaking.  

May the hearts of our Churches and Associations pulse with resurrection life.


Through the pain, anxiety, and uncertainty we face, release us, we pray, into the future you have planned for us.


May the ongoing life of our Union be a living witness to the world, that Jesus is alive.