The disappearance of bees:


Creator God, we thank you for the ways in which you have woven the fabric of this world.  For the interconnectedness of your creation.  We worship you as One God, interconnected by your own nature, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We thank you for our lives, interconnected with friends and family, those we love and those we dislike.  We thank you for the interconnectedness of our life in this world.


And we think especially of bees.  The tiniest creature, offering invaluable resources of life so easily missed.  We thank you for the work they do, the crops they pollinate, and we thank you that one third of our food comes to us because of these tiny creatures.  We thank you for the interconnectedness of the world in which we live.


But we learn also that suddenly, for reasons unknown, bees are suddenly vanishing, dying out.  We hear of Colony Collapse Disorder – killing billions of bees, with no known cause.  And with their extinction comes difficulty and hardship for millions of people – such is the interconnectedness of our world.


So wake us up to who we are in this world.  Show us how our lives interweave with your creation, with other creatures, with other people.  Wake us up to the impact our luxuries have on the world as we burn oil, play with chemicals, cover our crops with pesticides.  


Open our eyes again, to see that the first victims of our luxurious lifestyles, are the poorest people who live on this planet.  Forgive us, for refusing to see how our lives are interconnected with theirs.


Loving God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, draw us ever more deeply into yourself, that we might become ever more aware of who we are and how you call us to live.  Bless the world we pray, and bless it through our actions.