BUGB Future 2


Lord of time and space, we thank you for the good giftsgranted to us:


For the place you have given us in history; for the cornerof the world in which you have called us to serve; for the people whose livesare interwoven with ours; for the convictions that we treasure; for the heritagethat shapes us.


As the Baptist Union Council meets to explore your will forour ways of living together, we thank you again for the Baptist heritage inwhich our identity is rooted.  


For the urgency of mission, and the desire to build coloniesof heaven within a world of injustice.


For the passion to relate well to others within and beyondour church communities;


For the practical theology and the readiness to hear yourvoice in others,


For the pragmatism that works around circumstances in the questto see your will done on earth.


So as we take stock, and assess again where we are in ourwalk with you, we are conscious of the cold financial realities we face.  As our Future’s Group explore with councilhow we might reconceive our ways of being together, we pray for wisdom:


Wisdom to trust that you are not confined by the structureswe have long thought necessary; wisdom to find alternative ways honouring youwith our minds, our mission and our worship.


We pray for holiness: Holiness to hear your word in whatevervoice it comes; holiness to be open to a divine will that may liberate andtransform us because it threatens and disturbs us.


We pray for vision: The vision to find opportunities forfaithfulness where we have been neglectful; vision to see you at work in placeswe hadn’t recognised you.


We pray for courage: Courage to explore new churchstructures and new ways of being together; Courage to change what we thoughtwas unchangeable.


Lord of time and space, meet with us here and now, and grantus the faith to entrust our future to you.