Christ the King

Sovereign Lord, maker of heaven and earth, we worship you as the God of power, whose son Jesus Christ reveals himself to us as king.  


In a world of sin, where democracies are so easily corrupted, and dictators are rarely benevolent, we look to you, to your pattern of kingship, to see how the world might work in ways that bring justice and fairness for all.  


We lust for power, thinking we can then wield it to build a better world,

But yours is the path of powerlessness, the crown of thorns, the cross-bearing walk-of-shame.


We rush into bringing justice with violence, be it with a nation’s armies or with an individual’s words of spite,

But in your hands we see no sword-hilt, no pistol-grip, only the nails of a cross.


We measure wealth with coins and bank balances, and convince ourselves we need money to build a better world.

But in you we see wealth in how much we need rather than how much we have.  In you, our King, we see the world turned upside down by self-giving love.


Lord, where our world is driven sour by the lust for power, be it at home, at church, at the work place, or in our governments – free your people from bitterness and frustration, fill us with a life-giving spirit so that all people may see the world changed by the kind of power that grace alone can bring.


Where we barely notice the violence we bring upon others, when we are blinded from our own rage – show us again the king who – when faced with the mocking of an angry mob - was silent, like a sheep before the shearer.  


Where greed drives us, consumes us, deceives us – open our eyes again to see how the crowds, the religious leaders, the political authorities – all were brought up short when faced with the peasant builder from Nazareth.


Christ the King, make us humble enough to be agents of your self-giving, grace-filled, life-changing, world-making power.