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Bringing gifts from lands afar,

Gifts that tell a story,

Wise men, guided by a star,

Found the prince of glory.

Living not in palace courts,

But in humble dwelling.

Each bestowed a royal gift,

Of his future telling.


Gold, fit for a kingly throne,

Nations would adore him.

Even nations not his own

All would kneel before him.

Frankincense brought from the east,

Scent of adoration.

Offered only for a priest,

He would heal the nations.


Newly from his mother’s womb,

Myrrh was laid before him.

Oil for those laid in the tomb,

Such would be his calling.

When the boy became a man,

Kings and Priests were Cru-el,

Crucified the Son of Man,

This is our Immanu-el.


Jesus left his throne above,

Came to earth to save us,

Your great gift of human love,

One true gift You gave us.

Help us give our lives to You,

Serving sisters, brothers,

Love of Jesus shining through,

We, your gift to others.

three wise men mail

Written with Richard Bowers


(Good King Wenceslas)