Easter Season 2

Easter Season / The World in his hands




Lord, in this season of Easter / Lord of Resurrection, we celebrate your purposes prevailing, the powers being dethroned, the whole worldbeing in your hands.


But if you have the whole world in your hands – why are thereso many children in this world who will eat no food today?  Why will thousands of bullets fly from gun barrels?  Why will countless people weep with grief?  Why, ifthe whole world is in your hands?


 Lead us again into the empty tomb.  Open our eyes again, to the darkness and stillness and death that surround us.  Give us the courage to see this world as it is, and to see ourselves as we are.  Like many, we want to hold on to you when you call us to follow you.


So lead us again into the world as it is, the world you love, the world in your hands.


And may we seek you in others so that we feel what others feel, so that the powers that starve children are challenged, so that governments that use violence unjustly are undermined, so that grief and loneliness and death do not have the final word.


In the quiet, we look at the world around us, in all its darkness and death – and we pray for new life.


Show us how to live and love and be channels of your grace –as though the world really is in your hands.


Summon us again, from the empty tomb, to enter the world as it is, as your witnesses.


If the whole world is in your hands, give us thepowerlessness to change it, in accordance with your will.


Lord, in this Easter Season / Lord of resurrection, bring new life and new hope, in our world and in our lives.