Easter Season

Lord God of life, we thank you for blessings you have poured out on each of us. We thank you for the gift in each day we see, the grace of every breath we draw, the opportunity in every moment we live. Thank you for creating us to live in this time and this space, and show us how to glorify you here and now.


During this Easter season, we reflect upon the fate of millions in our world who share the days in which we live on this earth.


We remember over a billion people living on less than one US Dollar a day;

We remember two billion who have no access to proper sanitation

We remember one hundred million children do not go to school;

We remember ten million children die before the age of 5 from preventable disease.


God of the poor and powerless, we stand before you as citizens of a wealthy and powerful nation, and ask that you would show us how to glorify you here.


We pray for justice and hope and grace, and ask that you would enable us to be agents of justice and hope in the time and the place where you have called us to represent you. By your grace, make us a holy people, attentive to you, that we may live the truth as well as speak the truth.