Easter Sunday 2



God of stability, we thank you for the seasons, for longer days, for warmer son, for blossoming tree.


God of surprises, we thank you for the way you bring to us new life in ways that shake us, disturb us and liberate us.


God of stability, we ask you with confidence for justice in the world.

In the knowledge that the effects of sin break your heart as they break ours.


We pray for hungry and thirsty children, who scratch their living from nothing;

For communities torn apart by war and disaster, who send their days in fear;

For broken and lonely people, who spend their nights awake;


God of surprises, we pray for you to act,

To change these lives,

To change our lives,

To show that here and now, you are at work bringing healing, wholeness and justice.

By your grace, and by your Holy Spirit, may we your people share in this work.


God of stability, God of surprises, we thank you that death does not have the last word, and pray that your people become ever more fully the living proof that Jesus is alive, saving our world.