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When the leaders of the world defeated God’s anointed king,

When they nailed him to a cross and revelled in his suffering,

When they put him in a tomb and left his body mouldering,

His purpose would prevail.


Chorus: Glory, glory, hallelujah


On the Sabbath day that followed, all the world was standing still,

As the Son of God had failed his Father’s calling to fulfil,

Though his people were as broken as his Father’s holy will,

His purpose would prevail.


When they rolled away the stone and found an empty tomb inside,

They could find no trace of Jesus Christ, the one they crucified,

But the angels told his followers, “Your Lord is glorified,”

His purpose had prevailed.


So he summoned his disciples to behold their risen Lord,

And he gave them consolation, for his purpose was restored,

And his people were commissioned to proclaim that holy Word,

His purpose would prevail.


Now he offers life to everyone who calls upon his name,

Through our weakness and our failure, he will bring new life again,

He will turn a tiny candle spark into a roaring flame,

His purpose will prevail.


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Written with Richard Bowers


(Battle Hymn of the Republic / Glory, glory Hallelujah)