Economic Crisis

Lord, in a time of economic crisis, there are questions we want to ask you:

We want to ask why you said we would always have poverty.

We want to ask you why the powerful few, even today, gain wealth at the expense of a powerless majority.

We want to ask you why governments chase tax from individuals who cannot afford it, and leave tax-dodging companies unchallenged.

We want to ask why money can’t be raised by taxing companies fairly, instead of taking benefits away from those who cannot afford it.

We want to ask you why huge bonuses are still awarded to those who wreck economies, while even their own employees lose their jobs.

We want to ask you these things, but our questions rebound upon us.

What do we value?  How do we live justly? How can we change?  What will we do?

Lord.  Flood our economy with grace.  Do it through us.  Do it now.