Lord Christ, our king.  As we seek the kingdom of God to come in our world, we seek divine government in our lives.


We pray this week for the government of our land, and all the impossibilities and injustices it must now tackle.


We pray that our government will prove to be one that truly listens to its people, whilst not forgetting its responsibilities to the welfare of other nations.

We pray that our government will think ahead, and consider the future wisely, whilst not neglecting the needs of the present.

We pray for our government that will not be driven above all by a desire for re-election, but by a desire to govern well.


We pray that our churches will demonstrate in their living together what good politics can be.

We pray that our intercessions will arise from a desire for justice, and prove to usher in a kingdom of righteousness.

We pray that our celebration of communion will truly show what it means to be one people, one body, and a gift to the world.

We pray that our worship will demonstrate to the world, what is truly valuable in the life you have given us.


Make us a people whose life is genuinely one lived in all its fullness.  

Give our government the passion to seek the same.

By your Holy Spirit, make the impossible happen.