Encountering God

Lord God, we praise you as the God whose love is active in this world. We ask that in your mercy we might overflow with a love for you that spills out into our world as living proof of your life-giving presence.


Help us to hear your voice in the conversations we have, in the news reports we hear, in the strangers we fear, in the brothers and sisters we dislike.


Help us to see your face in the war-stricken refugee, in the hungry and the homeless, in our close friends, in our worst enemies.


Help us to do your will even when no-one sees it but you, even when we feel overcome by the world’s problems, even when we feel we can make little difference.


And by hearing your voice, seeing your face and seeking your will, make us instruments of praise, whose words and actions and lives become a living example of the forgiving, healing, life-giving love of the risen Christ, in whose name we pray.