Eradication of world poverty

Lord God, our Provider. We pray for those in our world who are suffering from extreme poverty.

For the billion people who have never learned to write,

For the hundreds of millions who are malnourished,

For the tens of thousands of tiny children who die every day,

Take us beyond statistics and the guilt they can create.

Save us from compassion fatigue, that we might not become weary in doing good.

Show us your face in the mother desperate to feed her children, in the flea ridden child with the bloated stomach, in the old man whose life has been spent working for next to nothing.

Show us how to honour you with our resources,

With time and money, energy and education,

May all that we have and all that we are become an act of worship to you that would bring,

Discomfort to the selfish,

Challenge to the political structures,

Encouragement to those who work for justice,

A voice for those who are unheard,

Hope to the oppressed,

Good news to the poor.