God, who is faithful and just,


In an age obsessed with success, and achievements and progress, show us again, how to face our own failure.


We wanted to build a world where resources are shared fairly, where families do not starve, where economies benefit all.  But we see hunger and famine and death; and we see greed and gluttony and indifference.  And despite our belief in human progress, we have failed.


We wanted to live in a world where violence is limited, where war is a last resort, where justice rather than power decides our differences.  But triggers are still squeezed, missiles are still launched and punches are still thrown.  Families are still bereaved, homes are still destroyed, wounds are still commonplace.  And despite our hopes for a better world, we have failed.


We wanted create a world where politics benefits people, where politicians strive for a better world, where people have trust in their leaders.  But still we see other forces at work in politics, we still see the wealth of ‘the few’ ensuring the poverty of ‘the many’, still we see that money has a louder voice than people.  And despite our longing for a fairer world, we have failed.


We had hoped our jobs would be secure.

We had hoped our livelihoods would be safe.

We had hoped our relationships would be fruitful and long-lasting.  

We had hoped our church would grow.

We had hoped our lives would speak of your goodness.


And we have failed.  And we see that the world is horrible place that won’t even let us admit our failures.  


Lord God, free us from blaming our failure upon others.


Give us the courage to accept failure:  Our own, most personal failure; our church’s failure; our world’s failure.  Show us to accept our failure with courage and honesty and discernment – so that ultimately and deeply and truly – we know what we are saying, when we declare with confidence,


“I believe in the Resurrection.”