Fair Trade Fortnight

Fair Trade Fortnight : Mid-March


Lord we thank you for this world which you created, which you love, and which you are reconciling to yourself.

In a world where unjust global trade laws and unrighteous western consumerism darken the plight of those without influence and without a voice,

Make us a holy people.

Make us aware of the effects of our spending habits,

Make us God-fearing and righteous in the way that we go shopping.


May we worship you not only as we focus on you here today, but as we wander around the shops and tomorrow.


May we seek to please you not only with our praises today, but with our choice of brands tomorrow.


May we honour you not only as we gather here today, but as we pack our shopping tomorrow.


May our spending habits bring health and healing to this world. Forgive us for the part we play in exploiting the distant poor by the way that we shop. Help us instead to support a ministry of true retail therapy, where healing and wholeness are experienced not merely by those who buy, but by those who produce our goods.


In the sweat shops that make our clothes,

Amongst the slaves who produce our chocolate,

On the plantations that produce our coffee and tea,

Bring the light of justice and economic fairness,


By your grace, enable us to live in such a way that may we help and not hinder your work of reconciling the world to you.