Fair Trade

God of justice, we thank you for the fair trade movement, and the difference it has made to countless people throughout the world.


We thank you for work well done, for wages fairly paid, for products getting a fair price.  For the life and hope that the fair trade movement brings to whole communities.


We pray also for justice in the way that goods are bought and sold between countries.  Where those in power still pay the lowest prices to the poorest peoples in order to boost their own profits.  Where the demand of cheap goods for the wealthy, makes life impossible for the poor.  Where large companies seek fair trade in a few of its products, but continue to act unjustly in their wider trade deals, we pray for justice.


As the fair trade logo becomes a marketable commodity, we pray that its integrity will hold and that fairness will continue.  Especially, we pray for producers of chocolate, coffee and clothes: that through the work of fair trade they will not only receive a better deal than they currently have, but a fair deal.


Lord, we thank you for the way that fair trade promotes healthy relationships between buyers and sellers, and pray that their work will be blessed.  May fairness and justice mark all of our relationships, and speak of the righteousness by which your people are to be known.