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Feeding 5000 Intercession


Lord, we worship you as the God who provides, and we live in a world where so many go without.


And we want to ask you why so many hungry people in our world harvest crops to feed people who already eat too much.

And we want to ask you why nearly 30, 000 children die needlessly every day, when we have the means to do something about it.

And we want to ask you why the debts of the poorest people in our world, who are not responsible for those debts, can never climb out of them, while the debts of the wealthy can be ignored.


And we want don’t want to hear the shallow claims that there is enough food to go around – but that we humans aren’t sharing what you have given us.  We want to know why, time and again, our systems of government and economics seem incapable of meeting basic human needs.


We think especially of the hundreds of migrants, trapped and diseased and starving are abandoned to their floating coffin, despite the world’s attention.

We think of the 66 million children in the developing world who are hungry now, and do not know where their next meal will come from.


We think especially of the small children in our western world today, who have not yet learned to speak but who are starving and malnourished behind closed doors.


Show us what it means then, personally and politically, to hear the words – You give them something to eat.


Show us what it means, to pray give us this day our daily bread.

May our lives become living proof that you are the God who provides.