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Intercession: Forgiveness and Debt




God of freedom, of liberty, of forgiveness in all its fullness – we worship you as fallen people in a fallen world.


Forgive us for compartmentalising your gifts to us – forgive us for judging people according to their economic status, for our lack of grace in relating to others, for separating spiritual truth from practical reality.


In a world submerged in so much debt, show us what it means to be a people who live and breathe forgiveness.  


Where we are ignorant of the harsh realities faced by others, open our eyes to the world as it is.  Help us to measure the health of our community, by the plight of its weakest members.


Where we are happy to admire the wealthy because they are wealthy, or to hate them because they are wealthy: liberate us from self-righteousness, jealousy, smugness and bitterness, and help us to inhale grace, and to walk in your footsteps.


Where we mistake greatness for success, where we measure wealth by how much we have, rather than by how much we need, reveal to us the nature of true riches, of the wealth that catastrophe cannot threaten.


Where people feel and are made to feel worthless because they are not creditworthy – help us to embody a different vision of what it means to be human.  


Fill us with your Spirit, that we might live in accordance with the Spirit of Jubilee.  That our vision of you, would eclipse the false utopias we have learned to treasure.  That our commitment to you might  spring from every dimension of our being.  To the glory of your name.