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Forgiveness Intercession

Mt 18:23-35

God of forgiveness, God of liberation – we pray for our world and our church, that we might learn to model forgiveness to one another, and that we might experience the liberation in which we have been called to live.


May we know something of what it means to be forgiven from debt – In a world where power is imbalanced, where economic inequality is inevitable and inescapable.  In such a world, show us what it means to act in accordance with justice, and fairness – to be reasonable in our dealings with others, to be genuinely discerning and to be generous when necessary.  By your grace, may we know something of what it means to have our debts written off, and to write off the debts other have to us.


May we be courageous enough to know when we need to seek the moral forgiveness of others.  And when others seek moral forgiveness from us, may we not grant it prematurely or lightly or naively.  Instead may we listen well, confront our pain as well as theirs, and may any forgiveness that ensues be genuine and liberating and life-changing.


For those languishing in resentment, for those who can blame only others for their own misfortune, for those too fearful to look at themselves in the mirror, for those who see forgiveness as a spiritual transaction but will not let it reach into who they really are, for those who can only view forgiveness as a religious game – may true forgiveness find true expression.


God of grace, we seek your forgiveness for opportunities we have squandered, for precious time wasted, for voices we have refused to hear, for challenges we have refused to take.  May we experience your forgiveness, your liberty in the depths of our being – that whatever liberation we receive as a gift from you may find its way through our lives to become a gift to the world.