Lord we pray for all those excluded and mistreated because of their social or economic status.


We think of nations who are the victims of unfair trade laws.


We think of the victims of forced eviction to make way for economic enterprises that take no account of the human cost.


We think of the legacy of the transatlantic slave trade, and the effects it still has upon the psyche of countless people in our world today.

Closer to home,


We pray for those whose experiencing of signing on for benefits is negative – who feel and are made to feel less than real citizens.  


We pray for those whose only hope and whose only means of feeding their families or paying debts is through extortionate payday loans.


We pray for those who are ill-treated because of their job, or their circumstances, or their histories.


Make it true for them, as for the earliest disciples, that the experience of forgiveness changes their plight, and their self understanding, and their world.


Make it true, that as we pray for forgiveness – we become agents of forgiveness in our world.