Genesis Flood Intercession

God of justice, God of mercy

God of disruption, God of peace,


In a world beset by growing racial intolerance and xenophobia, help us to identify in others the image of yourself.  In the refugee and the politician, in the immigrant and in the patriot, may we speak with grace, act with wisdom, and hear with openness.


In a world facing growing economic divides, help us to identify your image in those with whom we might disagree.  In the benefits claimant and the banker, in those in desperate need and those revelling in excess, show us the difference between speaking truth to power, and bleating bitterness at straw men.


In a world strained by political divisions, where pointless walls build little but tension, by your grace, show us what it means to be an embodiment of your utopia, a manifestation of your kingdom, a practical, social, personal, political reflection of your image in thought, word and deed.


May we encounter you as the one acquainted with grief, but without hatred.

May our image of you continue to grow.

And by your grace, may others encounter in us, something of who you are.