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Intercession: Giving (see also Zacchaeus)

Intercessions on Giving


Lord we thank you for privileges we enjoy, for all the good things you have placed at our disposal, for the power in our hands to change the world for better or worse.  

So we pray that you will show us how to be responsible with our resources.  


When we see the horrific suffering of Nepal, remote villages without food, the growing threat of disease, and the enormous differences that can be made by minor sacrifices on our behalf, show us what it means to see, and hear and respond.  


When we see news of thousands of families fleeing North Africa to seek life in Europe, risking all that they have and their own lives, subjecting themselves to virtual slavery, show us what it means to see, and hear, and respond.


When we see are content to see justice granted to human beings only on the basis of their economic status, their ethnicity, or their nation state, show us what it means to be generous with the gifts, the insights, and the voices you have given us.


Forgive us when we are content that our political responsibilities stretch no further than the ballot box, when our social generosity reaches no further than the benefit of those closest to us, when our readiness to give extends no further than the change in our pockets.


Open our eyes to the ethical questions that impact both upon how we get our money, and how we spend it. Give us courage to see the world as it is, readiness to accept our place within it, humble enough to receive help, compassionate enough to offer it.


God of Zacchaeus, show us our true state, how fortunate we are, how much we can do.  Show us why we should give, show us what we should give, show us to whom we should give.  To the glory of your name.