Global Poverty

If it matters to you, does it matter to us?


If you hear the cries of the poor, help us to do the same.


If you see the effects of injustice, help us to do the same.


If you act to change the plight of those in dire need, help us to do the same.


Because we suffer compassion fatigue


We can no longer watch disturbing reports on our television


We must turn our eyes from images of children's distorted by hunger.


We don't want to turn our eyes, but there seems so little that we can do.


Forgive us,


Restore to us the hope of the Gospel


Revive in us a passion for justice


Move us to act.


May we be a Gospel people


May our worship and our commitments and our priorities


Become signs that your Kingdom is coming.


Change the plight of those in chronic poverty,


And make us a means by which our prayers are answered.


We worship you as Lord of heaven and earth


So may we see your Lordship change the lives and the plight and the future of those trapped in poverty today.