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The Good Samaritan Intercession



Lord, help us to love you in all that we do, that our characters might grow in Christlikeness.


We thank you that you are the God who blesses people with whom we disagree, who welcomes those we would exclude, who loves those we do not.  And so we pray that our characters might come to reflect yours more faithfully.


When we are happy to judge, and dislike and hate others – simply on the basis of gossip, or ignorance, or laziness – forgive us.  May we become people who offer practical and political love in a way that is not calculating.


When we have immunised ourselves to the distress of others, simply because our society has taught us to disguise our distress, and social conventions require that we conceal our weaknesses – give us discernment, and courage, and the capacity to listen well.


When we cross the metaphorical road to avoid doing the right thing, because we are afraid of the consequences, cause us to question our commitment to others and to you.  Give us the courage to face up to the realities of our own cowardice.


Help us to see you as you really are, and to see others as they really are.  Help us to hear you more clearly, that we might instinctively hear your voice in unexpected places.  Help us to worship you more faithfully, that we might love more fully.  To the glory of your name.