God of grace, for the everyday blessings we take for granted and think of as ordinary, and for the acts of grace that we encounter as extraordinary, we give you thanks.

For the warmth of friends, the availability of food and water, the advantages of education, we give you thanks.

For the freedom of our decisions, for the gift in every breath we draw, for the blessing of every moment we live, we give you thanks.


We thank you for all that you have made us to be, and pray that by your grace we would grow into who we truly are in your sight,

So that those who hunger and thirst and have no education, might benefit from our abundance.

So that those who live under the darkness of injustice and the yoke of the oppressor might be affected by our worship of you.

So that those who oppress and exploit and trample the poor, might be confronted by your loving grace, and when we are to be found among them, open our eyes.


God of grace, forgive us our sin, remake us from inside out, change our characters, and change the world through us.