Lord of the harvest, we praise you for the world you have created, the food that sustains us, the relationships that nourish us, the love that feeds us.


Lord of the harvest, may the earth be fruitful for all. May its resources be shared fairly, that the horrors of extreme hunger and poverty might come to an end. Where wealthy and powerful nations invest little in justice for the oppressed, may justice take root and blossom into joy for all who share this earth.


Lord of the harvest, may the leaders of this world also become good stewards of the earth. Where greed and selfishness wreck our environment, where the lust for power and the spirit of empire destroy precious lives, bring a hunger and thirst for righteousness, and cultivate a spirit of compassion for others.


Lord of the harvest, may your church be fruitful. May your people be active in seeking justice, to devote heart and mind and possessions to establish your ways on earth. May all people see from the actions of your church, that Jesus is alive. Send us into the world as labourers who, with word and action, will be a living message of good news to all your creation.