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God of harvest, God of sharing,

God who meets us in our need.

Fill us with a love of caring,

Save us from our hidden greed.

Jesus gave away his glory

Help your people do the same,

Help your people live his story,

Sharing riches in his name.


God of harvest, God of sharing,

Gave a world for all to share.

Yet we burn our planet’s riches,

For our comfort, without care.

Living lives that sicken creation,

Farms turned into barren land,

Hungry ones, made voiceless, helpless,

Bread is taken from their hand.


God of harvest, God of sharing,

Gave good news for us to share.

Gives, and helps us give to others,

Love and friendship, time and care.

By your Spirit, by our living,

Help us all your truth proclaim,

In our hearing, in our helping,

Offer love in Jesus’ name.

Harvest mail

Written with Richard Bowers


(Love divine, all loves excelling)