Here and Now

Lord of heaven and earth, God of great and small, we praise you as the God beyond all wonder and glory, and also as the God of the daily grind and the seemingly mundane. We praise you for all that is good in our world, and pray for our world – that it might be ever more filled with your glory.  We pray about situations we can change, and situations we cannot.


We want to ask you why thousands die from preventable disease.  We want to ask you why millions must suffer because of human greed.  We want to ask you why so many go hungry, when there is enough food to go around.  We want to ask you why so many suffer because of pointless wars.


And then we realise that perhaps you want to ask us the same question.  So give us space to hear your voice.




Lord, so much suffering in this world is of our making, and with your help we can make a difference.  


But so much suffering is also beyond us.  We are helpless.  Sometimes we want to blame you, sometimes we despair.  Sometimes we close our eyes to it.


Fill this world again with your glory.  Show us how to do our part.  Open our eyes, and let us see you do your part.


Lord of heaven and earth.  Lord of galaxy and grain of sand.  Be at work here and now.  Show us how to be your people, here and now.  Fill this world with your glory, here and now.