Lord, as we approach summer breaks of various kinds, we pray for ourselves and for our world.


We thank you for the luxury of holiday, for refreshment and rest from work.

We pray for those whose lives are made harder and busier by long summer breaks, and we pray for those without the luxury of a holiday.  May your peace be made known in their daily life.


We think of the damage our travel creates in our world, and we pray for motivation and help in tackling the climate chaos now beginning to engulf the planet.


We pray for those whose holiday will be blighted by the anxiety of what awaits their return.

We pray for health, for all whose holiday is an escape from over-busy or unfulfilled lives.

We pray for justice and fairness for those in our world who scratch a living from the tourist industry.


Lord God of Sabbath rest, make yourself known to us afresh, that all our days may become holy days, to the glory of your name.