Holocaust Memorial Day


God of love and truth,

As we look back upon the enormous genocides of the twentieth century, we shudder with horror at our capacity for evil, at the human ability to destroy others in the name of justice.  But we shudder because history repeats itself, beating the rhythm of genocide through the centuries and even through the back streets our civilised world today.  And we ask why such atrocities continue.


When we presume that such evil is the exclusive property of a single nation, or race, or generation, or religion, forgive us our pride and awaken us to the realities of human sin.


When the media allow the reporting of evil atrocities to be eclipsed by fascinating trivia, may the truth be known and the pain be shared.


When governments fail to defend justice because of commercial pressure or diplomatic risk, give them wisdom to perceive and courage to act.


When indifference, ignorance or hopelessness silences the prophetic ministry of your church, pour out your Spirit afresh and revive in us a Christ-like compassion.


God of love and truth, in a world where human hearts are so vulnerable to evil, bring your healing touch in all its fullness, beauty and hope.