Homelessness Sunday

Loving father, we pray today for homeless people, and about the factors leading to homelessness. We pray for those who live in abusive homes, those who suffer relationship breakdowns, those who become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Where there is abuse we pray for justice, where there is sorrow we pray for comfort, where there is addiction we pray for freedom.


Son of man, with nowhere to lay your head, we pray for the hundreds in our cities who will sleep rough tonight. May the organisations working with such people be well supported and equipped. May they truly be channels of your grace, that they may lead people into the wholeness for which they were created.


Holy Spirit, kindle in us a compassion that leads to action. Free us from comfort, indifference and fear, that we might embrace those who are forgotten, broken, abused. In your grace, make us into a holy people whose priorities and commitments conform to your will.