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Humility Intercession

God of glory, and god of humility

We pray for the world in which your glory and your humility are inseparable.


Because when we look at the world, we see power winning out over humility, we see the powerful oppress the powerless, we see the inescapable truth that might is right.


So we want to ask you why the people of the Ukraine are living in fear of powerful neighbours, and why suspicion and hostility tear their way through an anxious population.


So we want to ask you why the people of Syria no longer bother to cry to the international community for help.


And we want to ask you why with our democratic convictions, our economic policies continue to favour the wealthy, and penalize the disposable humans beyond our privileged circles.


And we want to ask you why our advanced civilizations, are grossly incapable of making sane and sensible ecological policies.


And we want to ask you why it is so easy to hurt and be hurt by those we love.


And when we bring these questions before you, we don’t want the smug answers of an aloof deity, or the deified echo of our own makeshift wisdom.


Confront us with who you are, not concealed in beautiful humility of Christ, but revealed in the stark humiliation of the mutilated corpse of the political criminal that is your son.


By your grace, may we find the courage embody your humility as Christ did, the Christ whose humility led him to the shame and failure, and utter defeat of the cross.  


And by your grace, make it true, that the resurrection is good news, here and now, good news to those for whom we pray, and good news in the lives of those who seek to worship you.  Make it true for us, that your glory is manifest through our bitter humility.