In the beginning

Creator God, so often we find ourselves overwhelmed by the suffering of this world, so often it seems to question your existence, so often it seems to eclipse your presence. But you are the Creator of heaven and earth, Your Spirit hovering over the waters of Chaos.


Creator God, too often we feel the distress caused by break downs in relationships. Especially where marriages have failed, we see the pain inflicted upon whole families, especially upon children. We pray that your comfort would not only be a truth to which we point, but a reality that we mediate. May your radical comfort be a living experience for those in the darkest of places. Creator God – let there be light.


Creator God, too often on our television screens, we see hungry children, embraced in the loving arms of helpless mothers, and we feel we can do nothing. Where the principalities and powers seem to have the last word, where international economics cripple a country from the outside, and poor leadership cripple it from within, the powerless are crushed. Cause your church to open its eyes, to take effective action both in its politics and in its generosity. In the darkest corners of our world, let there be light.


Creator God, too often we hear warnings of our planet’s future, of the destruction of our environment, and we feel there is little we can do. As ice sheets melt, flood waters rise and species disappear, airports expand, traffic increases and pollution rises. It seems impossible to fix the problem, and easier to ignore or deny it. Show your church how to live responsibly, and to have a truly prophetic voice. Creator God, where the end of the tunnel is dark, let there be light.


Lord God of all creation, we praise you because you did not wind this world up and leave it to tick. We thank you that you are intimately involved in this world, in our lives, and in this church. Lord God who creates, and recreates, remake our lives that day be day, we might more faithfully reflect the image of a loving God.