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Prayers of Intercession

Prayers of Intercession (by which I mean, prayers for the world beyond our doorstep) are rapidly disappearing from western church life.  It is more than tragic, because without them, the church ceases to be the church.  Still, I can't sit here complaining about it without offering some resources.  


In my own church, I try to lead intercessions impromtu.  But I cannot do it to anything like the standard of my colleague, Rev Dr Ruth Gouldbourne.  Her prayers are incisive, heartfelt, politically engaged and sensitive to the present.  The other giant I know in this respect is Rev Lewis Misselbrook (who wrote the hundreds of "More Study Notes" on this site).  His prayers were articulate, simple, and gave you the sense that God himself was right there and had to take notice.


Most of us though, cannot do this off the top of our head.  Those not blessed with this gift (and I'm sure there are plenty who are not but don't realise it!) may find these prayers useful in leading worship.


I wrote most of these for the Baptist Union of Great Britain website, and update them on a monthly basis.

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revd dr simon perry rev'd dr simon perry

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