International Children's Day

God of the present:


Forgive us for our mechanical view of people.  


Forgive us: For seeing in young people, only their future; For seeing  in old people, only their past; And for seeing in everyone else only one thing or another.


In Jesus we see you being present to children, and children welcomed into your presence.


So open our eyes again to your presence in children.

In the children overfed with junk food, and in the malnourished;

In the children starved of love, in those who know computer games better than they know their parents;

In the children taken as expendable resources – be it as soldiers or sex slaves.

In the children physically bullied by others, or mentally bullied by television adverts and peer pressure.


God of the present – show us how to act and how to live in a world that tolerates injustices inflicted upon those with little voice of their own.


But help us to see, and to hear and to marvel at the unspoken wisdom, the selfless kindness and the image of you, present so clearly and so often among so many children.  Help us to seek you, in the children who bear your image no less than anyone else.  


Help us to recognise your authority in those for whom we are responsible.


Lord God, whose strength is made perfect in weakness, we thank you for the unseen ministries of children and young people, for your Spirit’s work amongst them and for their impact upon the world today.  


Show us again, how to come to you as Children.