International Peace Day

Lord, give us a true vision of peace.  

Not a peace that is tranquil, a peace that needs us to put our fingers in our ears to silence the cries of others.  

Not a peace that is violent, based upon silencing our enemies by using the sword against them so that we may feel secure.

Not a peace that is lazy, and frees us from the responsibilities of work and struggle and determination.


As we see the horrors that continue to unfold in Syria, we want to ask why you seem to do nothing to bring peace.

As we see the endless cycles of violence turning in Israel and Palestine, we want to ask why you – and Almighty and loving God – do not intervene to bring peace.

As we see the indirect violence that our peaceful lives inflict upon those working under conditions of slavery, upon those whose environment is depleted, upon those whose economies are imprisoned in debt – we want to ask why you allow this to happen.


But all too often, our prayers rebound on us.  Why do we allow this?


Fill us with your Holy Spirit, that we might truly become a people of genuine peace: a people who fight for peace, a people whose relationships with others are marked with peace; a people whose lives are marked by our relationship with you.