International Youth Day


Creator God, who brings something out of nothing – we thank you for the way that your character, your power and your love are made known amidst weakness, vulnerability, and powerlessness.


On this International Youth Day, we thank you for the gift of young people in our midst, and in our world.  We pray that you help us to recognise the authority of the child, the honest insight of the teenager, the wisdom of youth.  Open our ears again to the way that your voice falls from the lips of our young people.  Open our eyes to the reflection of ourselves that children offer.  Open our hearts again to the responsibilities with which they present us.


We think of the plight of young people worldwide.  Of the 7.5 million children who will die needlessly this year, because of simple human apathy.  We think of those who receive no education, who are forced to flee their homes because of war, who are malnourished, orphaned and stricken with preventable disease.  

Show us what it means to listen well to young people, to see the world through their eyes, to hear your voice in theirs.  Show us our responsibilities towards the young people entrusted to our care.


Lord God, whose Son was born of a pregnant teenager, who – as a child – taught experts in the temple, and who never reached middle age, show us who we are as we listen to the voice of youth.