Isa 55

Holy God, your ways are higher than our ways, your thoughts higher than our thoughts. And yet you invite us to call you ‘Father’, and have called us your children.

So help your people 
to be holy as you are holy, 
to be channels of your Holy Spirit,
to be shaped by a deep love for you.


Free us from the idolatries that promise satisfaction but that quietly suppress our freedom. We pray for all those caught up in worshipping that which is not God.
For those who assume that material wealth is necessary for their happiness,
For those ensnared by sexual addiction and pornography,
For those whose god is their nation, for whom foreigners are a threat.


We pray for all those who suffer when idols are worshipped by those with power.
For those who go hungry because of the greed of powerful nations.
For those who are exploited for the sex trade.
For those who have lost livelihood, and home, and families because of war.


Holy God, we know that you are not distant from the suffering of this world – so bring freedom and justice and peace.
Fill your people with your Holy Spirit that we might have the discernment to recognise our idols, the strength to resist them, and the courage to proclaim a better way to live. 
Fill us with compassion for all the victims of idolatry, that we might speak and act on their behalf. 
Make your church a holy place that offers to the world life in all its fullness
For the sake of your holy name.