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Jacob Wrestled an Angel


Loving God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, we praise you because of your commitment to us. For loving the world so much you sent your Son; for coming into this world and getting your hands dirty with the human race; for being present to us today and for confronting who we really are. For a love that lies beyond our understanding, we want to thank you, and ask that you would make us channels of that love to the world around.


We think of those whose suffering is normalised to our ears, and whom we know of only as statistics. For those for whom our compassion has dried up because we gaze at them through a screen that keeps their misery at a safe distance from our being.


Open our eyes, that we might see your face in theirs in them and respond with compassion.

We think of those whose agony lies beyond our perception – to those who suffer in silence, who are bounded by loneliness, or simply because they have no voice and no camera to bring them to our attention.  Open our ears, that we might hear your voice in the voices of others.


We think of those who inhabit cultures beyond our comprehension. Open our hearts that we may be ready to encounter you in the stranger.


Show us what it means to struggle, to wrestle, to confront ourselves, to face up to you, that we might become a channel of your love and compassion for others.