Lord God, author of all life and of each life, we praise you for this sacred world in which you have called us be your people.


We thank you for the love we have known, the comfort we have enjoyed, the happiness we have tasted. And we pray now for those who feel themselves without love, comfort or happiness.


For those whose relationships have made them less human, who find it hard to trust and to be trustworthy. For those who have been abused or neglected… May they know the reality of your loving-presence, may your Holy Spirit flood into their lives to bring healing. Make us willing to be your means of answering our prayer.


For those who go days without food, for those who have fled their homes, for those without future and without hope. Bring justice and peace, and a comfort that can come only from you. But make us willing to be your means of answering our prayer.


For your church, when it has lost its joy. When joy is battered by hardship, persecution or grief … When joy is mistaken for entertainment, fake smiles or superficial thrills. Bring the gift of joy, that your church on earth might be a colony of heaven.