Kingdom of God II

Father God, free us to worship you as you are, to find our place in this world by our worship of you, to become who we are by praising you, to be human by singing of your glory.


Forgive us for locating ourselves at the centre of the world, for thinking that the world revolves around us, for acting and praying and thinking and speaking, as though we were the most important thing in the universe.


Lead us, as we pray your prayer, to re-orient our lives around your purposes, to think and speak and act and pray as though everything revolves around you. Captivate us with a love for you that defines all other relationships, a desire to please you that outgrows all other desires, a longing for your kingdom that frees us from building our own empires.


When some goal that we pursue, (some just cause, some worship issue, some worthy ambition) causes you to slip down our list of priorities, open the eyes of our heart that we might prize you above all else in this world.


When we treat you as though you existed to support our ambitions, and goals and pursuits – that treated our present world as though it were the only world, show yourself to us afresh, that we might once again be captivated by a deep love for you.


When we fashion a Christ in our own image, and thereby fail to recognise the Christ we would otherwise encounter in the hungry, dark and forsaken places of this world, confront us anew with your life-changing presence.


When we mistake our empire building, for your kingdom coming, free us to worship you, that we might discover afresh in word and action, who you are and who we are. You alone are our beginning and our end, and as we worship you, may we find our God given place in your body, in your kingdom and in this world.