Love Thy Neighbour


Loving God, we thank you for the place you have given us, the breath in our lungs and the time entrusted to us.


We thank you for the friendships that define us, for the enemies who define us no less, for all our neighbours.


We pray for our neighbours here, those near to us, whose lives somehow interweave with ours.  Those we know only by their car, their front door, their routines – we pray that you will help us to be good neighbours, agents of your kingdom in the places where we live.


We pray for those living on the door step of the church.  those who are hungry and homeless, those who are busy or lonely or empty.  Bless them with a taste of your loving presence.  Use us as ministers of your kingdom, representing your love to our neighbours.


We pray for our church, for a deeper and fuller love for our neighbours, which grows day by day.  Show us who is our neighbour and help us to love them.


Loving God, who created us to live with our neighbour, show us how to be recreated every more fully into your image.  


Show us who is our neighbour, and show us how to be theirs, to the glory of your name.