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INTERCESSION – Annunciation



As we call to the mind Gabriel’s announcement to Mary, we consider our receptivity to your will.


May we be ready to hear your Word to us, in whatever form it comes.  Whether your word is mediated through a friend or family member, through those we love, through those who threaten or loathe us, through those whom we dislike or detest.  Teach us what receptivity to your Word really entails, and help us to ditch the fantasies we tell ourselves about ourselves.


May we be courageous enough to hear your Word when we disagree with it.  When it requires more of us than we are willing to give.  When it contradicts deeply held convictions.  When it compels us to the kinds of actions for which we feel ill-prepared.  


May we be hopeful enough to hear your Word when it comes as unexpected encouragement.  Ready to abandon all self-doubt and any self-loathing – and ready to engage with your love for us despite our self-perception.


And so may your word to us prove itself as salvation to others, liberation for those who are oppressed, comfort for those who mourn, sustenance for those in need.  May your word to us drive us to offer the right kind of care, in the right way, to the right people.  Make us so receptive to your living word – that we become its true mediators.


And so grant us, like Mary, the depth of character and strength of insight, to declare readily, ‘Let it be unto me, according to thy Word.’


To the glory of your name.